Ortona Gymnastics


As Ortona's extensive history continues to be written, it has to be noted that this club has come full circle by becoming one of the partners in the GO Community Centre that built the amazing facility that is now the Saville Community Sports Centre. This journey began 39 years ago on University of Alberta soil as the Division of Athletics announced the formation of a competitive gymnastics team. In a green and gold news release dated Friday, September 1, 1972, the University announced the U of A Gymnastics Team was forming a new competitive team for boys and girls, ages 10 to 16. The new club, named Bounders Gymnastics was born and remained on University grounds until 1979 when they merged with another gymnastics club called Gym-Fit, founded in 1976.

The two Clubs took over the lease of the decommissioned Ortona Armoury, named for a significant battle of WWII. The merged Clubs took on the name of the armoury and thus became the Ortona Gymnastics Club. In 1988, because of growth, expansion and limitations of the armoury facility, the Club moved to its new home on 50 Avenue, an air dome structure fondly referred to as (The Bubble. There the Club grew until its walls were bursting. On July 4 2011 Ortona opened its doors in the now named Saville Community Sports Centre with a fabulous new gymnastics space. And back, full circle to its origins, on the University of Alberta grounds. For the complete story of Ortona Gymnastics, please visit the history page on Ortona's website.